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Freight Bill Rating

Significant savings can be realized through proper freight bill rating and at LDS we have decades of experience in this field.  Accurate rating is best performed by experienced and knowledgeable people and you'll be hard pressed to find someone more qualified than our personnel.  Have your freight bills rated correctly for instant savings.

Freight Bill Payment

We have the equipment, systems, and personnel already in place to pay your freight bills.  And since this is what we do we are able to pay your freight bills more efficiently than you could do internally.  This allows you to free funds from personnel and equipment previously allocated for this process.  The money we save our customers through recognizing duplicate transactions alone often pays for fees.  Let us pay your freight bills and you'll save time and money.

Electronic Data Interchange

To speed data input and transactional processing, we have the ability to receive data electronically from both you, our customer, and the vendors that ship your goods.  This process not only speeds delivery of data but also ensures accuracy of the data as it is retrieved from the source.  Your data will have more integrity and your transactions will process more quickly.

On-line Reporting

Should you require quick and easy access to your current freight bill information, whether to review specific information about a bill or inquire about payment status, this information is available on-line to you and the specific vendor involved.  Simply go to our Login page for access to this information.  Contact us if you need a login account set up.

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